Zinc spray BL6 - 400ml spray

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Characteristics of BL6 Zinc Spray:
Zinc Spray is a fast drying zinc dust based Epoxy-Ester anti-corrosion primer for high demands characterized by good resistance to water, salt water, abrasion and industrial atmosphere.

High resistance to water, salt water and abrasion with adhesion without primer, it is recoatable.Meets DIN50976- more than 92% zinc content after drying, DIN63167 -1000hr salt water resistance test, DIN53151 - GT 0-1 grid adhesion test, DIN53152 - 32mm bend test without cracking.Zinc Spray is a fast drying matt anticorrosive base with a high percentage of zinc dust (92% after drying) for high demands in anticorrosion protection.It is electrically conductive and can withstand high temperatures +490°C.With applications in industry where high emphasis is placed on anticorrosion protection such as welded areas, steel structures, damaged galvanized surfaces.

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