Aluminium spray BL6 - 400ml spray

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Characteristics of BL6 aluminum spray:
Aluminum spray is a combination of lacquer binder and pure aluminum-metal pigments. The correct solvent ratio ensures perfect dispersion of the aluminium particles over the entire surface and guaranteed corrosion protection.

It is suitable for the protection of welded areas of pipes, steel structures, wheel rims, exhausts, car bodies, etc.It is applicable wherever high demands are placed on higher resistance to corrosion, temperatures and chemicals.

Applications of BL6 aluminium spray:
Repair and modification of aluminium shade substrates, corrosion protection in light aluminium, painting of iron structures, pipes, sheet metal, etc., repair of body damage after stones, painting of wheel rims, exhausts. It is immediately applicable without special preparation, without primer, acts as corrosion protection for most metal substrates. Economical in consumption. Temperature resistant up to 600°C, short term up to 800°C. Resistant to most acids and alkalis, highly abrasion resistant, fast drying. Good hiding power.

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