Overview of shop assortment

Steel wire ropes

- Ropes galvanized, stainless, PVC cables - all in different constructions

- Rope connections: design eye + eye, eye + hook, double-hook, triple-hook, quad-hook and special design such as rope + chain + rope

- Rope accessories: eyes, hooks, swivel hooks, rope thimble, cable clamps, aluminum sleeves.

Chains – class 8, 10 a 12

- Chain connections: design eye + eye, eye + hook, double-hook, triple-hook, quad-hook and infinite

- Chain accesssories: eyes, chain hooks, container hooks (wide without fuses), WG connections, chain shorteners

Textile binding straps

- Binding straps of woven flat straps and wound PES loops

- Flat single and double layer webbing, endless with textile and metal mesh

- Multistrands binding straps ended with hooks, caliper eyes, and more

- Protection from PVC, PU - one-side and two-sides

Forest program

- chain of class 8, class 10 – length

- steel wires seal, rolled wires, chain connections with C-hook, C-hooks, sliding connections, pulleys, sliding pulleys, hammered hooks, measuring clamps, marker sprays, and more.

Spare Parts Zetor - Unified Series 1 and 2

Binding (anchoring) chains and belts

- Anchor chains with ratchet of classes 8, 10 and 12 (one-piece and two-piece)

- Anchor belts with ratchet (one-piece and two-part) tensile strength 0,8t, 1,5t, 2t, 5t, 10t, length – 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m

- Ergo ratchets

- Anchor pairs components – ratchets and hooks in various designs


- Chain hand hoists

- Ratchet jacks with roller chain

- Ratchet jacks with chain link

- Electric wire hoists and hand wire hoists

- Hydraulic jacks (1 and 2 piston)

- Wire hand winches

Handling equipment

- Load magnets

- Sheet metal clamps

- Pallet forks

- Traverses

Snow chains

- Ladder, rectangular and cross trace, engagement chains, sold as complete sets and spare parts.

Ironmongery assortment

- Wire thimbles, wire clamps, wire tensioners, quick couplings, S-hooks, pulleys (Zn or stainless steel design)

- Wires – zinc, stainless steel, in PVC – length

- Chains – black zinc, stainless steel – length

- Stiffeners, eye bolts, eye nuts, carbines, welding hooks, grease nipples and lubrication presses, swing hooks

- Chain wheels and roller chains

- Threaded and trapezoidal rods

- Axes, chisels, splitting cones, shovels, spades, forks, shafts

- Binding wires, nails, springs

- Pulleys, V-belts, radial shaft seals, retaining ring, fuses, silent blocks

- Hemp ropes, cords, static ropes and more.




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