Machine equipment is designed for crushing branches, wood and wood waste, using two-way self-feeding cutting screw. The screw is supported by the support bearing, which prevents its offset. The machine has automatic feeder all functions are turned on mechanically. Required tractor power from 20 kW and more. The wood chipper takes branches with leaves, needles, branched, dry, wet, and takes also boards and beams.

Connection to the three-point hitch of the tractor according to customer's specifications. When crushing the branches are inserted from behind the tractor and chips are blown to the side. The chip is blown by the chimney to the ground or to the crate. Into the bag by chimney(accessory).

The receiving hopper  for inserting of branches is equipped with safety brake. When it is pressed, the brake is stucked into the inserted material and the feeder is stopped.

The final chip is suitable for heating in a boiler or fireplace, soil fixing and possibly for other purposes. The chip is asymmetrical and airy, so beautifully swells, does not mould and its calorific value is very high.




Technical parameters

Length:1 780 mm
Width:1 120 mm
Height:1 650 mm
Weight:250 kg
Cutting mechanism:two-way auger
Maximal crushed material diameter:max Ø 7 cm
Chip length (not adjustable):log length 15 cm
Power:5 m3/hour
Wood chips output:Output blow
Emergency brake:Yes
Tractor power from:10 kW
Cardan RPM:540 - 1000 RMP
Hinge type:I a II - as specified by the customer

Accessories and spare parts


Strong cardan, transmission power 44KW / 850Nm, length when complete 70cm.

Without VAT
160,- EUR


The bag can be attached to the bagging chimney, into which the chips are blown. When filled, the bags are unhooked and stored. The grape is aerated, does not mould, beautiful becomes dry and its calorific value is very high.

Without VAT
220,- EUR

BAG 70x100 cm

Suitable for chips storage. Chip is not closed, but is aerated, beautiful becomes dry and its calorific value is very high.

Without VAT
0,48 EUR


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