This machine is a combined grinder and fruit press. Designally, this device is solved as a single machine. The service is not demanding and can be handled by one person.

The grinder and press is equipped with wheels and a pull rod for manual movement along the pavement or garden. The hopper for crushing, where the fruit is strewn, is painted with food color. The fruit is crushed by the stainless steel wheel at 1500 rpm. The high revolutions ensure that there are no rough pieces in resulting brash and this gives us a purée suitable for subsequent pressing. The pressing basket with a cloth, into which the crumbled fruit falls is made of stainless steal and its volume is 30 litres. Fruit is pressed by the hydraulic piston under pressure up to 3 tons. The entire device is powered by one electric motor of 1.5kW / 380V.

Almost all fruit and vegetables is suitable for crushing. For example: apples, pears, bananas, nectarines, peaches, oranges, beet, carrot, atc... For pressing mainly fruit like apples, pears, nectarines, oranges. Always at your discretion.

NEW: we have recently started to produce a press basket completely made of stainless steel. Previous press basket was made of beech wood. Stainless steel has a much longer service life compared to wood. At the same time, the basket has different passages for pressed juice, which resulted in better drainage and functionality.

Variant with motor 1,5KW / 220V: 1.520,-EUR




Technical parameters

Length:0,9 m
Width:0,65 m
Height:1,4 m
Weight:140 kg
Standard engines:1,5kW/380V
Engine type:1,5KW/220V: 1.520,-EUR
Hook:16A, 5 pins
Switch:With current protection
Piston travel:21 cm
Pressing pressure:3t.
Cutting stainless steel disc:1 500 RMP
Pressing basket:Stainless
Pressing holder volume:30 litres
Drainage bowl:Stainless
Chassis:for manual movement

Accessories and spare parts


The cloth is designed for pressing fruit.

Without VAT
20,- EUR


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