Machine for crushing branches, waste and wood waste. Crushing of the material is done by three knives screwed onto the flywheel of the machine. There are two feeding rollers. The machine is equipped with its own hydraulic circuit and is powered by high-performance 11 KW electric motor. The feedrate can be controlled, which also adjusts the size - the length of the chips. The crusher takes branches with leaves, needle, branched, dry, wet and takes boards and beams.

The crusher is equipped with a suspension eye for relocation. When crushing, the branches are inserted from the back of the tractor and the chips are blown into the free space. The chip is blown out of the adjustable chimney in the range of 360°.

The resulting chips are suitable for heating in boilers with screw feeders, mulching, composting, pressing.




Technical parameters

Length:1 600 mm
Width:1 500 mm
Height:1 900 mm
Weight:550 kg
Cutting mechanism:knive cutting-head
Cutting knives:3pcs.
Oposite blades:1pc.
Feeding cylinders:2pcs.
Maximal crushed material diameter:max Ø 100 mm
Maximal crushed material dimension:100x90 mm
Chip length (adjustable):chip length 5-10 mm
Power:5 m3/hour
Shift (adjustable):Approx 0,3m/s
Wood chips output:Output blow
Emergency brake:Yes
El. engine:11


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