Professional rope winch is designed for pulling and approaching wood. Connection to the three-point hitch of the small tractor. The overall structure is welded and reinforced with thickened materials to form a unit resistant to bending, cracking and other damage.

By the tractor's hydraulics is controlled single cylinder that controls the clutch (rope winding). The winding control alternative is a single section hydr. switchboard placed directly on the machine: +200, -Eur. Brake: ratch - latch is operated mechanically / manually.

The rope is winded directly onto the cylinder of the machine. As a brake we have a ratch - a latch. The rope is leaded by the top swivel pulley and the lower swivel pulley. The top pulley is mounted on the bearing, the lower pulley is lightly attached to the pin and the rope can be unhooked.

Variant of control by hydr. switchboard directly from the machine: 2.800, -Eur



Technical parameters

Depth:1 m
Width:1,5 m
Height with net:2 m
Height without net:1,6 m
Weight:560 kg
Tractive force:7,5t.
Brake (ratchet):100% efficiency
Average winding speed:0,6m/s
Standard rope:Ø12,5mm/60m - SEAL, strength 93,4kN
Control:tractor hydraulics
Variant of control +200,-Eur:hydraulic switchboard on the machine
Tractor power from:60HP
Cardan RPM:540 RMP
Hinge type:II - as specified by the customer
Bottom rotary pulley:Yes
Trail hinge:Yes
The cardan shaft isn't included:

Accessories and spare parts


Strong cardan, transmission power 44KW / 850Nm, length when complete 90cm.

Without VAT
160,- EUR

Ø12,5mm/60m - SEAL, strength 93,4kN

Without VAT
111,- EUR

C-hook red with pin

C-hook red 8 - maximum tensile force 4.500kg.

Without VAT
5,- EUR

Chain harness GRAD 100

Chain harness T.10, max. Pulling force 6.000Kg, dia 8mm, length 2m - 23, -EUR

Chain harness T.10, max. Pulling force 6.000Kg, dia 8mm, length 2,5m - 25, -EUR

Chain harness T.10, max. Pulling force 6.000Kg, dia 8mm, length 3m - 30, -EUR

Without VAT
23,- EUR

Chain harness GRAD 80

Chain harness TR.8, max. Pulling force 4.500Kg, diameter 8mm, length 2m - 19, -EUR

Chain harness TŘ.8, max. Pulling force 4.500Kg, diameter 8mm, length 2,5m - 22, -EUR

Chain harness TR.8, max. Pulling force 4.500Kg, diameter 8mm, length 3m - 25, -EUR

Without VAT
19,- EUR


C-hook -excellent class 40 - max. Load 2.500kg - 5, -EUR

C-hook-forging class 80 - max. Load 5,000kg - 6, -EUR

Without VAT
5,- EUR

Sliding stirrup 45 degrees - 7/8 red

Max. pulling force: 4.500 kg

Without VAT
5,- EUR

Slide clamp double-sided 7/8 blue

It is designed for chains of 7 or 8mm diameter. Max. pulling force: 6000Kg.

Without VAT
9,- EUR

Slide clip

Without VAT
7,- EUR


Max. pulling force: 4.500 kg

Without VAT
6,- EUR

Pulley with rotating glider

Cable pulley for steel ropes up to Ø14mm with shortening clip for 7 and 8mm square chain. Max. pulling force: 6.000 kg, pulley Ø approx. 47mm.

Without VAT
24,- EUR

Rope ending WITHOUT stirrup

Rope ø 8-12mm.

Without VAT
12,- EUR

Rope ending WITH stirrup

Rope ø 8-12mm. Max. pulling force: 3000Kg

Without VAT
22,- EUR


Chain JOKER V 6 - maximum pulling force 3.250Kg, weight 1.01kg / m - 5, -EUR / m

Chain JOKER V 7 - maximum pulling force 4.500Kg, weight 1,35kg / m - 6, -EUR / m

Chain JOKER V 8 - maximum pulling force 6.000Kg, weight 1,79kg / m - 8, -EUR / m

Chain JOKER V 10 - max. Pulling force 8.500Kg, weight 2,55kg / m - 18, -EUR / m

Without VAT
5,- EUR

Chain square red G80

Chain square red 7mm - max. Pulling force 3.250Kg - 5, -EUR / m

Chain square red 8mm - max. Pulling force 4.500Kg - 6, -EUR / m

Without VAT
5,- EUR


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