Bolt loosener BL6 - 400ml spray

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Characteristics of BL6 bolt loosener:
is a proven product with MoS2, which is also suitable as a contact and lubricant. By selecting the raw materials, a fast effect is achieved, especially for corroded metal connections. The high capillary action and good volatility achieve penetration even into the narrowest crevices and interstices. This advantage prevents new rust formation.

Very fast, effective and long-lasting product.It has excellent climbing and lubricating properties.Permanently eliminates squeaking and rusting of bolted joints, parts.Prevents the formation of surface currents on electrical contacts.The high penetration of the active substances and MoS2 , guarantees the penetration of these substances into the smallest tolerances and prevents the formation of new rust in the long term.

Applications of BL6 Bolt Loosener - Spray 400ml:
Bolt loosener has a wide range of applications, e.g. aiding dismantling of rusted metal connections, permanent lubrication of bolt connections, guides and sliding surfaces of various kinds. To prevent surface currents at switch contacts and electrical switches. As a lubricant for bovden trains, chains, hinges and many other moving parts. As an auxiliary agent during partial assembly in industry and crafts, to facilitate subsequent disassembly.
Product features - dissolves corroded connections such as pins, bolts, nuts - good volatility and capillary action - penetrates and dissolves rust - with anti-corrosion additives - protects against oxidation and corrosion - prevents baking of fittings - removes squeaks and squeaks - prevents surface currents and improves electrical contact ability

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