Silicone spray BL6 - 400ml spray

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Characteristics of BL6 Silicone Spray:
Silicone oil is an oil-free and lubricant-free anti-adhesive agent for the protection, smoothing and treatment of plastics, rubber and metals and in the food sector, simply wherever it is undesirable to use oil, grease and other greasy lubricants.

A one-component lubricant ready for immediate use.It forms an anti-static greasy film with high heat resistance.Acts as a mould release agent in the processing of plastics, rubbers, metals in spraying, moulding, casting, extrusion.Lubricates spotlessly and invisiblyClean, non-waxy lubricating and slippery filmGood temperature resistanceProtects against oxidation and corrosionGood adhesionRepels water, dust and acts antistaticallyPreserves and prevents cracking of rubber, leather and plastics.

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