End cap with one-sided slide

Kód výrobku: 900302

Rope end suitable for 8 - 12 mm rope with sliding shackle for connecting rope and chain. The steel rope is easily and quickly inserted into the body. The rope is inserted into the body, a loop is formed around the pin and pulled back out of the body. The rope is then pulled in, the pin causes the rope not to slip out. The body is gentle on the rope, no breakage or damage will occur during use. If necessary, the rope can be slid out of the body and the end reused. The body is ideal for ropes up to 11.5 mm in diameter, the body opening width is 12.3 mm, therefore inserting a 12 mm rope is slightly more difficult, however it is possible.

The slip shackle is curved - it is a single-sided type of shackle and can therefore only be connected to the chain lashing from one side. The end cap contains a nut, which allows you to loosen and replace the slip shackle at any time. The optimum shape of the shackle ensures that the chain links are gentle on the chain links.

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